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Furniture Design

Ouroboros is an image employed in diverse cultures symbolizing the cycle nature of things, the eternal return. In a broader sense, it symbolizes time and the continuity of life.


Our design tries to represent a sense of fulfilment around a good meal shared with loving people. It is a metaphor of the pleasure of living surrounded by good taste and aroma, and, of course, great friendships. Without ostentation, it invites us to a ludic experience and full of singularity that enjoys itself with simplicity, “good eat” and a pleasant conversation.


The design is austere. It is not more than a support of vegetal forms, colours, textures and aroma. The stretcher, of triangular section, delicately fixes face down bouquets defining a lively and complex crown. The objet stays hanging from the ceiling, virtually drawing an inclusive and rich in nuances space.

- YATZER Best of the year 2013 -

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